Christina Italy - 2014

Firenze graffiti

Firenze graffiti

Florence Cathedral - duomo

Graffiti with a side of Florence Cathedral, Florence


Florence Cathedral

Firenze graffiti

Firenze graffiti

Firenze graffiti

Firenze graffiti

Firenze graffiti

Firenze graffiti

San Miniato

San Miniato

San Miniato

Mike resting his feet with the duomo in the background

Accadamia in Florence - first view of David

David, awe inspiring in person


Just a wall full busts in the Accadamia

Medici chapel, that design and the entire chapel is created from inlaid semi precious stones

Medici chapel

Medici chapel

Pasta being made, Mercato Centrale

My belt being made by Paolo

Fiesole Roman ruins

Fiesole Roman ruins

Firenze graffiti, a side of Mike


Smiles after a difficult hungover bike ride through the hills of Fiesole and down into Florence

Firenze graffiti

Mike being fitted with his Italian made jacket in Lucca

Lucca graffiti

Just found in an alley in Lucca

San Michele, Lucca

Monterosso beach, Cinque Terre

Monterosso, Cinque Terre

Hiking down into Vernazza, Cinque Terre

Street in Vernazza, Cinque Terre

Vernazza, Cinque Terra

Hiking out of Vernazza

Italian love, Vernazza

This is a guy who hikes mountains with food poisoning, best husband ever. Way to Corniglia

Hiking into Corniglia, Cinque Terra

Corniglia, Cinque Terre

Rainy streets of Lucca

Pretty pink bike in Lucca

Canal in Lucca

This guy, like an Italian statue

Beautiful garden in Lucca

For my pups, St Francis

Lucchese cat

Old mercato builiding in Lucca

Pretty in Lucca


Lucca graffiti



San Frediano, Lucca



A lot of this going on

More of this going on

A small part of the wall that surrounds the old town section of Lucca

Bike riding on top of the wall of Lucca

My favorite guy

Our apartment door in Lucca, can we move here please?

Pano of Lucca


Window dressing in Lucca

View from my window in Lucca

At the Uffizi, the original heart shaped hands


Always remember to look up in all buildings in Italy, Uffizi


Zeus @ the Uffizi








Last night in Florence, Ponte Vecchio

Grilled octopus salad, Florence

Gazpacho with burrata and shrimp, Florence

Fritto Misto, Florence

Fresh porcini pasta, Florence

Lampredotto if you dare

More panino’s in Lucca

Italian breakfast

Panino’s at Pino’s

Meat vendor at the Mercato Centrale, Florence

Porchetta at Nerbone, Mercato Centrale, Florence

Porchetta sandwich from Nerbone

Accept no substitutes, this is the only place to get porchetta, Nerbone

Mercato Centrale, Florence

Truffle pasta from Zeb, Florence

Squash blossom ravioli from Zeb, Florence

Morning cafe

Fruit and veg vendor in the Mercato Centrale

Mmmm, lettuce

Perfect gelato in a one euro cone

Florentine steak

Fresh fried sardines in Vernazza

Italian breakfast

Meat store in Lucca

Antipasto, Lucca

Pici, with a duck ragu, Lucca

My favorite dish in Italy, Farro soup

Cantucci and some Vin Santo for dessert

Ravioli with sage butter, Lucca

Vegetable soup, Lucca

Amazing raw sausage sandwich in Lucca

Perfect afternoon snack